We are licensed for up to 105 guests at our restaurant, La Rumbla.

This gives us great flexibility when it comes to hosting group events and functions.

There are several different options (see below) when booking as a group.

These options can be offered during the day or as a night event.


The full book out allows you to have a group of up to 105 people in your party. Or if you chose to have a smaller group but want the intimacy of the restaurant to yourselves this is a great option. Please see the additional information at the end of the page including optional additions and sample menus.


This is for a full book out with a sit down dinner at La Rumbla. For a full sit down dinner we can take groups of up to 70 people at a time with exclusive use of the restaurant.

This will be as a shared dinner in the same style as our regular dining experience. The tables are spread out around the room making for a really fun and social experience.

Pre dinner drinks or drinks on arrival and canapes can be added to this booking.


This is best for groups who want something a little less formal or the numbers area greater than 70 people.

This is where we offer our Walk and Fork option. This is made up of static boards of cheese, breads, accompaniments to nibble at all evening along with a varied and interesting selection of canapes and larger dishes designed and easily managed when standing up.

Some tables can be left in the space if people do chose to sit while they eat and the room is surrounded in comfy booths so there is an option for people to sit and rest during the evening.

Our two options for this are HRM1 and HRM2


This picture shows the HRM1 dining option. This side of the room can hold up to 35 guests, all at low tables. The tables are formatted in a way that it is super social.

The menu offered here is in our regular shared plates dining style. This is as a seated option.


As pictured this is our second option of a large group of up to 27 guests as a seated option. The seating as pictured is over a mix of booths and tall tables.

The menu offered here is our regular shared plates dining. This is a fun interactive space and also allows a section of the bar to be blocked off for this group. Please ask about this additional option when enquiring about the space.


We offer many additions to these options.

The full book out allows you to have a group of up to 105 people in your party. Or if you chose to have a smaller group, but want the intimacy of the whole La Rumbla restaurant to yourselves, this is a great option.

Menus at La Rumbla are seasonal and the menu can either be in the form of a Trust the Team where you let us decide to take care of that for you or we can send you the menu a week prior to and you can request particular dishes you want to be presented during the evening when having a seated dinner.

Beverage choices for large groups are finalised and confirmed one week out from the booking to ensure delivery of any requests can be made. We also have the option of pairing wines for your dinner for the evening.

We do recommend with large groups that some of the beverages be chosen prior to the event to ensure we have good stock levels of your preferred drinks.

Arrival cocktails/bubbles can be arranged for group bookings.

La Rumbla is great for live music. You may have a preference for music/band/dj or you may like us to assist in helping you find music to suit your event. If you do not require live music we have a great selection of music in the restaurant and something to suit every event.

Groups of 10-20people who are just looking for a great night out together are also easily accommodated. If you are experiencing any difficulties booking a table this size through our online reservations www.resdiary.com please email us direct on reservations@peoplelikeus.com and we can do our absolute best to accommodate your group.

We do love a great party!



House Made Rosemary Garlic & Sunflower Seed Bread
Tuna Ceviche, Watermelon & Avocado Salad, Kaffir Coconut Milk, Blue Masa Tostadas
Fried Cheese Curd & Kale Croquettes, Smoked Red Capsicum Coulis
Roasted Beetroot, Caramelised Onion & Goat’s Cheese Tostadas
Fried NZ Calamari, Baby Rocket, Garlic Aioli
Merino Lamb Rump, Eggplant Pisto, Confit Garlic, Basil Gremolata
Andalusian Tomato Salad, Anchovies, Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette, Manchego Crisps
Grilled Wagyu Beef, Toasted Cassava, Brazil Nuts, Chimichurri
Roasted Mushrooms, Crispy Polenta, Spinach, Mascarpone, Rosemary
Hazelnut & Cognac Chocolate Truffle